June 17, 2010

Kejutan Fifa World Cup:Spain 0-Switzerland 1


Kejutan buat Juara EURO 2008,,Spain apabila tumpas kepada Switzerland.Spain yang menduduki tangga ke 5 dunia dalam ranking FIFA kalah kepada Switzerland yang menduduki tangga ke 40 dunia..Sungguh mengejutkan kerana Spain lebih banyak membuat serangan ke atas gawang gol lawan..Apa yang boleh saya katekan,,perlawanan sungguh hambar,,Spain mempunyai banyak peluang,,tetapi mereka tidak mempunyai `finishing` membuatkan sepakan yang dilakukan oleh Spain lebih 3 kali ganda dari switzerland,,gagal bertemu penyudahnya..Mungkin nasib tidak menyebelahi Spain..Saya harapkan yang terbaik dari pasukan pilihan saya ini for da next game..

Berikut merupakan sinopsis kepada perlawanan ini:

Full-time Synopsis:
The game started quite poorly with it being one-way traffic, but the second-half brought this game to life. The game had plenty of goal-mouth action and their should have been more goals than the score-line has.
Spain have suffered a major damaging blow losing their opening game, as no team has ever won the competition after losing their opener.
This Swiss worked their socks off and have laid down a blueprint for every team of how to beat Spain. The Swiss goal has highlighted just how poor the Spanish back-line is.
95: Howard Webb singles time and the Swiss have a memorable victory over the tournaments favorites.
94: Yakin gives away a late free-kick on the edge of his own box.
The corner produces little to nothing. 
90: Swiss Sub: Barnetta off for Eggimann. Barnetta has worked like a mule and deserves a nice two minute rest.
88: Even if Spain can pull out a draw, it is still a massive loss for them. This game will shoot all their positive European Championship results down.
Torres took at shot from the edge of the Swiss box which may just take down a plane.
85: I wonder how many Spanish players come out and criticize the ball after this game.
84: Torres looks off his game and seems to be struggling a little. He may regret that haircut.
82: It could be worse for Spain. Yakin thundered a shot at goal which just went over. The ball was moving like Shakira. 
80: Ten minutes left for Spain to save face.
78: So Close! Navas cut the ball across the Swiss goal and just missed the goal by inches.
Swiss Sub: Derdiyok off for Hakin Yakin
77: It is official, Arsene Wenger is doing backflips. Pedro has just came on for Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas will not participate in the World Cup today.
76: Anyone who has bet on Spain to win the World Cup must be crying at this moment. 
Thank God I picked Brazil, they were not their usual best last night but at least they scored and won the game.
73: How unlucky. The Swiss just hit the post and the Spanish defense is an absolute shambles.
The Swiss striker, Derdiyok skipped past two defenders and then flicked the ball with the outside of his right foot past the keeper only to see his shot hit the post. What a display.
72: South Korea, North Korea, Ghana and Germany all put in great displays which shocked the tournament, but if this game ends this score Switzerland defiantly outdone the aforementioned countries.
70: What a thunderbolt. Xabi Alopnso nearly broke the crossbar. I said Ronaldo's shot was a rocket yesterday. Well Ronaldo's rocket was Xabi Alonso's rocket's baby.
What a strike. Any players complaining about the ball ring Alonso for some striking tips.
69: This game has exploded since the goal and it has now turned into a World Cup calibre game.
68: Spain broke out and Torres was nearly one-on-one, but the ball just dragged and Torres had to shift around and in the end his strike was quite poor.
65: Questions must be put to the Spanish keeper. He came out and dove at the ball with his feet rather than with his hands, and that lead to the ball breaking towards the goal and resulted in Pique trying to clear the ball with his face and Spain going down a goal.
63: How close was that. A shot from Iniesta just curled wide outside the Swiss left-hand post, It looked like it was destined to go in.
61: Great save from the Swiss keeper again. Villa was slotted in one-on-one put the Swiss keeper came out strongly and cleared the danger.
Spain Double Sub: Torres and Navas on to replace Silva and Sergio.
I say Arsene Wenger is delighted the Cesc is sitting on the bench questioning his ability.
60: Spain are again dominating possession and putting nice passing moves together but they look very limp in-front of goal.
58: Spain are looking quite nervous now after going behind. The first real threatening play the Swiss put together lead to a goal due to lackluster defending by Spain.
56: Torres or Fabregas will have to be introduced very soon, put for the sake of the game the goal is just what it needed.
52: Goooooalllllll. I can not beilive this. Spain are behind, the favorites to win the tournament are down.
Fernandes has shocked the world but putting Switzerland one nil up.
50: The game has started very open as Switzerland look like the are tired of just sitting back.
45: Both teams have ran out and Spain get the second half started.
Half-time: A reply of Senderos' injury was just played. When a player has to be removed because of a serious injury is never funny, but when the player injures himself from kicking his own player, it does become a little comical.
Half-time: I would not be surprised to see Torres, Mata or Febregas to be introduced very soon. Switzerland are doing very little attacking-wise so the best thing for Spain would be to remove Sergio or Alonso for a more attacking, goal-scoring threat.
First-half Synopsis:
The game in general has been pretty poor. Some of Spain's passing has been very slick but overall they have failed to produce the type of football most people expect from them.
Credit must be given to the Swiss who have defended very well. Pique had the best chance which was well saved by the Swiss keeper, but the main talking point will be the penalty that never was.
46: Howard Webb blows the whistle for half-time and Switzerland will go in the happier of the two.
45: For the first time David Villa got into some space. He ran onto a ball and charged into the box he faked both the keeper and defender but his shot was poor and didn't even hit the target.
43: Switzerland have done very little in front of goal. A bobbled free-kick was their best chance and that was quite poor to say the least.
Another Spanish attack looks promising but ends with a wasteful shot wide.
41: Spain will lead in all the stats except the one that really matters and that is the score-line
37: Switzerland win another corner with nice counter attacking play.
34: Switzerland Sub: Senderos comes off for Von Bergen. The defender may be out for the rest of the tournament as he limps of the pitch. 
33: Similar to Brazil last night, Spain are being allowed to pass the ball at will in-front of the Swiss defense but when the ball comes close to the penalty area they are just lacking that final product.
31: David Villa smashes the free-kick into the wall and the Spanish players all shout in appeal for a handball.
30: Senderos is off the pitch and seems to be in some trouble. He looks to have a problem with his right ankle and the Swiss concede a free-kick in a dangerous area due to be down to ten men.
28: The game is becoming very broken with numerous stoppages for goal-kicks and free-kicks.
Spain's passes is fantastic, but they just can't find that killer ball to open up the Swiss defensive.
24: What a peice of play by Pique, and what a save.
Pique received a great ball from Iniesta into the Swizz box. The centre-half then showed great feet and dummied the ball past the Swizz defender but the goalkeeper came out, made himself big and stopped a sure goal.
Pique's move was similar to the goal his scored against Inter Milan, for Barcelona in the Champions League.
21: Sepp Blatter was shown in the crowd. He had a look of strong contemplation on his face as his wonders how he can ensure his country make it into the latter stages.
18: So far I am very impressed with how the Swiss are defending. If this continues I think it won't be long before Torres and Fabregas are brought on.
David Silva takes the first real shot of any threat, but is handled easily by the Swiss keeper.
Afterwards Ramos had a good chance to get Xavi in but went for glory himself with a woeful left foot shot. Shocking play, it won't be long until Miacon is packing Ramos' bags out of Madrid.
14: David Silva looked like he had his foot taken from underneath him by Senderos and could have easily been awarded a penalty.
10: Switzerland put a few passes together nicely and win the first corner of the game. 
The crowd as always are letting themselves be heard, but it does not match-up to good Swiss yodel
06: Spain look like the have set up in a 1-2-9 formation. Basically they have two players back on the two Swiss front-men, and the rest of the team just float around.
03: Spain's passing looks very slick and the Swiss players are lucky they live in a country full of valleys, because they have an uphill battle on their hands.
00: Switzerland get the game underway, and it may just be the last time their strikers touch the play for the next 45 minutes.

June 16, 2010

Cinta di Warung Itu..

  Hari ini dah masuk hari keempat aku mengenali dia.Entah kenapa,,susah nak lupakannyer..kenapa susah sgt yerk?sungguh manisnya dia,,memang akan menawan hati sesiapa sahaja..Aku masih ingat lagi,,aku berjumpanya buat kali pertama di warung itu,,sememangnya tidak merugikan..Mak Cik warung itulah yang telah memperknalkan aku kepada si Dia..Oh sygku,betapa aku merinduimu..Tidak pernah aku bertemu sepertinya di tempat lain.Dia membuat aku tidak tidur malam,,mandi tidak basah,makan tidak lalu..Aku mesti berjumpa dengannya walaupun sekali sehari..Aku bertekad untuk bertemunya esok..
   Keesokan harinya,,aku bangun awal-awal pagi..Nasib baik hari ni cuti..Dengan hati yang bersemangat untuk bertemu si Dia,,aku melangkah kaki ke moto LAGENDA kesayanganku..selepas memakai helmet,,start enjin moto,,aku pon terus pergi ke warung itu..Sampai sahaja aku ke warung itu,,muke aku bertukar sayu..TUTUP!!!Rasa hendak menangis,,tetapi aku tahan..Baru aku teringat..Hari ini hari Sabtu..Mak Cik warung tu cakap,,"Hari Sabtu kitorang tutup dik,,sebab ramai yang buat kerja kahwin hari ahad kan..senang sikit nak pergi".. WHY mak cik??WHY?!aku duduk di atas moto LAGENDA aku..menatap hatiku yang terlampau sedih..Tidak Mengapa..aku akan tunggu esok..Malam itu aku mulai gelisah,,hati tidak senang..rasa diriku tersiksa..Kenapa Si Dia menghukum aku sebegini?Tidak pernah aku merasai sebegini rupa..

  Esok pon tiba,,mata aku sudah lebam seperti PANDA BUSYUK akibat tidak cukup tidur malam tadi..Selesai aku mandi,,tiba-tiba pintu rumah aku diketuk..Aku melangkah kaki kepintu tidak bermaya "Awat hang ni Ga??"..Sahabatku,,Mamek berkata.."Aku tak cukup tidur la".
"Lerr,,tula hang,,tgk bola lagi.."Walhal aku tak tgk bola pon..Teringat kat Si Dia je..
"Haa dah la..Jom kita pi Warung Mak Cik Minah kat simpang sana uh,,Aku lapaq ni"
"Warung Mak Cik Minah??"tiba-tiba aku bersemangat kembali..
Aku lupa untuk perkatakan,,Warung Mak Cik Minah la tempat Si Dia berada..Aku dengan bersemangat terus menuju ke warung itu,,Alhamdulillah,,nasib baik bukak..
Aku terus duduk,,terus mintak order..Dah tak boleh tahan lagi dah ni..
5 minit lepas tu,,seorang wanita sungguh lawa,,bertudung kemas,,datang ke meja kami..
"Ni bang,,yang abang order tadi.."
Dengan perasaan yang sungguh gembira,,hati aku berkata






TEH TARIK!!!inilah Si Dia yang aku maksudkan..akhirnya aku bertemu jugak dgn teh tarik Warung Mak Cik Minah...SLLUURRRPP...^_^V


Assalamualaikum semua,,dah lame rsenye aku x bercerita kat blog aku sndiri kan...sje menghilangkan diri...ntah mengapa sje nak ttup kjap blog aku...hehe..lepas beberapa mggu x berblogging,,rse rndu plak..itu yg bukak balik tu..skang ni aku ngah cuti smpy bulan tujuh..so nak bercerita serba sdkit pngalaman pergi jenjalan..destinasi kali ini:PULAU PANGKOR...hee..
Pulau pangkor terletak di negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan..snang utk pergi ke cni...Sbb aku pown belajar dkat2 ngan area ctu gak..hehe..Jika anda sume menaiki bus ke cni,,anda boleh turun d Perhentian Bas Lumut,,dan dr ctu anda boleh berjalan kaki atau mengambil teksi utk smpy ke jeti Lumut..Jika anda menaiki Kenderaan sndiri,,anda boleh keluar dr highway medan gopeng atau simpang pulai,,dan menuju ke arah Lumut..jaraknye lebih kurang 60 kilometer..

-keadaan di Jeti Lumut,,menarik bukan???-

-ayahku di depan pintu msuk jeti Lumut-

Dari situ,,anda perlu menaiki feri ke Pulau Pangkor..hargenye cume RM10 pergi-balik..boleh dianggap berpatutan...Menaiki feri mmg sgguh mnyeronokkan,,pemandangan yg indah smbil melihat keindahan alam mmg suatu pngalaman yg cukup mnyeronokkan..

-berada di atas feri-

-pemandangan di atas feri-


-pembangunan di sekitar LUMUT-

-my brade n my uncle-

-kapal US COAST GUARD di Perairan Malaysia-

-Pulau Pangkor-

setelah tiba di jeti Pulau Pangkor,,anda boleh menyewa van(ketika ini sume van sewa di situ diseragamkan dan berwarna merah jambu) utk ke destinasi yg dituju..byk lokasi2 yg menarik boleh dituju sama ada pergi ke Pantai Pasir Bogak ataupun Pantai Teluk Nipah...Ade bermacam aktiviti yg boleh disediakan,,antaranya bermain Jet Ski,,Banana Bot,berkayak,Snorkeling dan bermacam lagi..Ape yg boleh aku katakan,,pengalaman berada di Pulau Pankgor sgguh menyeronokkan..Anda perlu merasai sndiri..CUTI-CUTI MALAYSIA!!!

-aku dan pak su-

-Kebesaran Yang Maha Esa-

Akhir kate,,selamat bercuti!!!

Misi Terbaru..

Assalamualaikum kpd sumer..
sowi kerana telah menghilangkan diri..akhirnya aku kembali..hahahaha..
selepas ini aku akan cube mengupdate aku nye blog sekerap yg mungkin..
dan akan ade pembaharuan yg akan aku lakukan..nntkanla...